• my phone alerts dont come through till later that day
  • Michael - What kind of iPhone are you using? What version of iOS is your iPhone using? What version of the Active911 app for iOS is your iPhone using?

    Here are some things you can try that might help:

    1) Completely uninstall and reinstall the app on your device. Upon re installation, you will need to reenter your device code into the settings menu of the app.

    2) Go to the settings menu of the Active911 app on your phone, and use the "Clear all alerts" option to delete all of the old alerts you've received.

    3) Make sure you have the volume settings on your phone set appropriately. It could be that you're receiving the alerts in a timely fashion, but the settings on your phone aren't allow our app to notify you properly when you receive an alert, so you don't notice new calls until you open the app.

    I highly recommend contacting our support directly about this. There are a lot of things that could be playing a part in the problem that you're experiencing. You can contact support by calling 541-223-7992, or sending an email to support@active911.com