Working Event
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    I was wondering if it could be considered for a button of some sort to be added that if an active911 alert that was sent as a structure fire lets say and upon arrival is found to be a "working fire" that this would allow a repage of the active 911 with a new title heading as Working Incident, working event, major incident, all hands working, or whatever could be agreed upon to alert responders that this incident isn't just a false alarm or more manpower is needed.  You wouldn't have to type anything it would basically update the current alert as a working event.  I know our communications center could send out an update but sometimes that is a daunting task for them to pull off.
  • Kendall H.,

    We do not have a button as you describe to auto update an alert based on the push of a button. The Active911 system does have the ability to allow your device to edit an alert (if given the permission by an admin), so that it can be updated throughout the event as needed manually.

    If you would like this feature to be added, you can add it to our ideas page ( and have other vote on it to encourage the implementation of it.