Call-In number to respond
  • OK, who wants to figure out a way for this to work??  Thinking if we get a google voice number for incoming calls that we can leave up and running on a computer somewhere with webview, we can actually receive incoming calls to that number, have it recognize the caller ID, then pass that to Active911 to let them know that the person is responding.  This would be useful for those that have a company dumb-phone (or even home phone) that they are not provided SMS service.  The responder could receive the alert on their voice pager (Minitor) and then dial-in.  It obviously wouldn't track them, but at least we would know they are responding to the station.  Active911 can't do this directly since it would be a violation of copyrights to IamResponding.  I think writing an API to interface with something like google voice would be safe.
  • I don't think IAR has any patents on call back response logging. I didn't find anything by company name, doesn't mean it doesn't exist but I don't see it even being patentable...

    Seems to me even if someone had a prepaid phone, ipad or anything else, it would be easier then trying to create a dial in response system.
  • Here's IAR patent:

    U.S. Patent No. 8009810
  • lol dang....
  • So, I wonder if based on this patent information if it's possible to work-around it somehow so that people that aren't able to send/receive SMS, and don't have data can still call-in to show them responding.