View multiple agencies at same time on PC App
  • I apologize if this question has already been asked.  We dispatch for multiple departments.  We installed the PC App in our dispatch center and have added our Device Code to all of the departments using Active 911.  We can see the departments by pulling down the department list in the left pane, and they are alerting correctly.  But only one department is able to be selected at a time.  We often have multiple calls active across various departments and I was wondering if it possible to display all of the departments at once instead of having to select one at a time?
  • RobertW,
    I see the issue you are having and we currently do not have a way to select multiple departments at a time for viewing alerts on the Windows PC app. I have entered a request into our ideas portal to have this reviewed to be potentially added in the future. You can view, track, vote and comment on this feature here: