Viewing Map Data
  • I am currently running IOS 10.3.3 and Active 911, we just added our entire dept, therefore becoming paying members.  I am working on adding our Landing Zones as Map data but it will only show up if I tap and hold the map within 1 mile of a LZ. Is there a way to show all of the points regardless of distance or at least increase the area searched?
  • Chris, in the settings of the app, tap on "Rural" under the map markers section. You may still have to zoom in a little bit, but not as much as the other settings.
  • is there a way to export mapped runs to a printable map. Looking for a way to track the runs
  • There currently isn't a way to export mapped runs to a printable map. We do have a way to export your calls on the alerts tab of the website, but it doesn't include a map. You can add this to the idea portal at
  • I've both input and uploaded map locations. They show in the Map Data tab online. If I long-press on the map page in the Android app and select "Nearest", the locations are referenced in the pop-up. However, in no circumstance can I actually view the map locations on the map page. What am I missing? FYI - I couldn't even find a "Map Markers Section" to select "Rural", as in a previous post...???