New Alert Tones
  • Will there ever be new Alert tones added to the app ?
  • We are looking into a new way to do tones, but we don't have a timeline yet on when it will be done. If you have some tone files that are copyright free and great quality, you can email them to us at
  • In developing your new way to do tones, I request that you please don't "break" the way alert tones currently work on the Android platform.  In the current implementation, I can make new alert tones of my own and put them in the appropriate directory on my device ("Device Storage\Ringtones", I think it is...) and they become available in Active911.  I hope that will still continue to work.

    (For example, this is how I've solved the "make it alert continuously until I wake up" problem:  I just made my own 3-minute-long alert tone, and I select that alert tone before I bed down for the night when I'm on duty.)
  • Stan, 

    That should stay the same. One of the nice things about being an Android user!