Alert CC'ing even if I'm not in that group.
  • We use Active911 to send alerts when we're trying to get a crew for non-emergent calls for service.  We have several groups defined in the Active911 system so we aren't notifying everyone when we're just looking to announce to a sub-set of our personnel.  However, the person on duty isn't always in the group being notified.  In practice this means that the creator/sender of the alert, if they aren't in the group they are alerting, is doing it blind because there is no functionality to automatically CC the person sending the alert.

    It stands to reason that the person sending the alert will always be up and awake.  They should automatically be notified of all alerts they initiate, even if they aren't in that group, so they will have the opportunity to 1) verify that the alert actually went out and 2) edit the original alert and resend, if necessary.
  • At this time that is correct. We do have a feature request in our idea portal and we recommend that you vote or comment on it. That way as the feature gets worked on you will get notifications about its progress. Here's the link: