What is "Off Duty Available" on Duty Status?
  • I just updated my Active911 on my Iphone7. Today on shift of my part time job I noticed a new setting for "Off Duty Available". Normaly I just change On/ Off duty myself as these shift are speratic. I can not find any info on this setting.

    I work at another FD on shift, but I need to be available for call back some. 


  • This is a geofence alerting feature that we are currently working on. We put it in there for people to test it out. When the "Off Duty Available" status is selected, if you are within 5 miles of the call, you will get an alert for it.  Enable GPS must be turned on for it to work. 
  • That's awesome. It there a way to make this default with "auto" selected for when I'm not working but could respond if nearby?
  • There is not a way to make this a default at this time, but it's a good idea for the second iteration of this feature. If you could add it to the idea portal, our product manager can see it and get it scheduled. You would add it as a new idea at https://ideas.active911.com
  • is this also for Android?

  • Will the Geofence for this be customizable by the agency? 

    This would greatly help the rural departments that have large response areas. If we could set the geofence to be within 5 miles of the station rather than the call itself that would be more beneficial for us because we regularly have calls that are well over 20 miles away from our station.  
  • Joe_Echegaray, 

    I would love to talk more about this with you, my email is catharine.rhoades@active911.com, please email me and we can discuss this further.