Account Status Help
  • Agency subscription is current.  Account is active online.  Doesn't show any Active Devices.  Only tab able to access is Map Layering.  No other functions able to select.  On device, in settings, added the Device Code which has worked.  Shows Connection to Active 911 as "Not Connected".  What's the solution.
  • First, try this quick trick to see if you can get your device to show connected:

    -Enter Active911 app > Menu > Settings > Connection to Active911
    -Tap on Connection to Active911 5 times, until you see Renewing GCM Token
    -Tap on Connection to Active911 3 times, until you see Reregistering with Active911

    Make sure to try this while on Wifi, if available, for best results. 

    If this doesn't work, please provide the account/department name and your phone number to support for further further troubleshooting.