Alert coming in Late
  • Today the call came in and my IPhone alerted but it was 24 minutes after the call originated.
    My IPhone was on wifi and gets decent service signal. This isn't the first time it's happened.
    Is there anyone else experiencing getting late alerts?

    IPhone SE
    iOS 10.3.3
  • Unfortunately,
    This happens all the time to me. Either the alert comes through on the way back from the call or doesn't alert / populate in the app at all. I NEVER had these issues when I was using the DROID, and I've considered switching back to my droid because of these issues.
  • Curt and Ridge,

    How many previous/old alerts do you have stored in the app on your device? I recommend occasionally using the "Clear all alerts" option within the settings menu of the app to remove old alerts.

    To troubleshoot problems with delayed alerts I recommend contacting support. When you contact support, we need specific examples of calls you experience this problem with. For each example, we need the following information:

    1) The Active911 # of the call
    2) The time the call should have reached your device
    3) The time the call actually reached your device

    We are open 7am to 4pm PST Monday-Friday with an hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992,or you can email us at