Maps and Area Measurement
  • I just had a firefighter come and talk to me about the ability to use the Ruler feature to measure, for example, the length of hose needed. He asked if there was also a way to measure area. We tried but couldn't find anything. His thoughts are to be able to measure the area of a brush fire, or larger wildland fire, either by tracing on the map or by walking the perimeter.

    I know the feature doesn't exist, but is there any likelihood of seeing something like that in the future? The alternative would be to get yet another app to tackle this need.
  • Hi Kevin! This is a great idea and it depends on this idea: getting done. If you don't mind, adding a comment to this idea about the ability to measure the area, then our product manager will see it. You will also be updated as the idea gets updated on our side. Also we encourage you to have your department vote on it as well. Thank you for the feedback!