• Good Evening Everyone,

    I am new to working with APIs, however, I think I have a general understanding.  I am ready to dive in with a project where I need to poll the api for new calls.  My ultimate goal will be to send the data mysql database that I use for call reporting, however, I wanted to start small and just make a website that will list calls, and put their location on a map with driving directions, that will be displayed on TV's throughout the firehouse. 

    My question is, does the api support long polling, and if not, what is the max polls I can do per hour.  Better yet, is there a way to setup a hook when new data is ready?  

    Thanks for your help, hopefully I am not getting over my head with this.
  • The api does not currently support long polling, please limit polling the API to once every 30 seconds at most.

    If you want to receive a push every time an alert is received, you can hook up something that will receive email or SMS from us and and set it up as another device on your agency, then poll when an alert is received.

    Though we do not have it yet, we are in the process of also developing an HTTP push mechanism that triggers whenever an alert is received.  We are looking to have completed by the end of the quarter.
  • What's the status on HTTP push API?
  • Looks like we had an internal communication error where I thought it was already done, but more work is required. 

    I created an idea you can track here: https://ideas.active911.com/ideas/A911FEAT-I-650