Seperate ringtone for pagegroup
  • So I've asked for this a few other times. I think I was a thorn in your side every time you held a live streaming Q&A. In the spirit of the squeaky wheel getting the grease I'm going to keep asking. 

    Can you develop a way for users to choose a different ringtone for a page group? I know with the structure of my department it would be a huge help, and I can only imagine that it would help other users too if you could have a different ring tone depending on the page group that was dispatched. Please.
  • Hi Bryan! 

    Our product manager moved this idea to our new idea portal in January when we switched to it. You can comment on it or vote for it. This will then give you updates on where we are with completing that feature. I also recommend having your department vote for it too! We do know that this is a popular request, even thought there aren't any votes for it at this time. Here is the link to your feature request: