PC App not connecting
  • I have loaded the PC App to the MDT and when you start the program it sits on the splash screen for about 2 minutes then says its starting the app but when the app starts I just get a blue screen (not a Windows Blue Screen) where the map is supposed to be and never receives a call or shows the map.
  • What version of Windows are you running?
    Are you able to pan the map? It could be possible that we aren't identifying your coordinate correctly and then centering in the middle of the ocean.
    Would you be able to post a screenshot of this?

    Feel free to contact our support team if you need more immediate troubleshooting.
  • Downloaded the new PC app on my Windows 10, and it wont recognize the device code. Went into the Active911 system and took out the PC and re registered it to get a new device code. Still does not work. Uninstalled Active911 from the PC and downloaded it again. Nothing.
  • Elliot D.

    Are you installing the PC app from our homepage? Does it give you an error message when entering the code or does it just show the device code field as pink and doesn't process anything?