PC app not responding
  • Loaded the PC app to the MDT and after a while it prompts with a popup stating that the Active 911 program is not responding with your choices being to close the program or wait. If you choose wait it just gives you the same popup after a while.
  • What version of Windows are you running?
    We will be working on improving the logging system soon which I think may help this issue. In addition, if it doesn't resolve the issue, it will help us to identify what has caused this issue.

    Feel free to contact our support team if you need more immediate troubleshooting.
  • I am having the issue on Windows 7 and Windows 10 (both 1607 and 1703 versions) computers. This started w/ the March build 1.1.3-4 timeframe. Before that release it never crashed honestly.

    I tried the latest A911 PC Beta, per the dev and it still does it w/ the late April beta build -- FYI

    The error I received I uploaded to the other thread about this - if you need to look into it - it looks to be an issue w/ .NET framework and WindowsDesktop.exe -- I also emailed CS for A911 a few months ago now w/ the error if you need a text version of the debug.

    It will basically crash w/ a "this program has stopped responding" pop up - randomly - not necessarily when a call is coming in, just whenever it feels like it - usually a few times a day.

  • Thanks for letting us know. I will be looking into this issue specifically. I have also responded in the other discussion with a similar issue here: http://community.active911.com/discussion/731/pc-app-timeout#Item_8