How to use multiple devices on my account
  • Ok, I have been an administrator for my Department's account since we began using the system. Today I decided to load the App on my tablet so it's easier to use when I'm home to add additions to the Map Markers or to send alerts from home. The issue I'm running into is my phone is IOS and tablet is Android. How do I link both devices to my account? Do I need to create a separate device with a separate device code? I also noticed that our department's Station computer is linked to my name as well.. Any help would be appreciated!
  • Hi Jared,

    You will need to add your Android device as a separate device, but you can enter the same email address as that you have for your iPhone. The email address is what links them to you, but each device needs it's own device code in order to work. If you don't want the station computer linked to you, you can edit the email address for that device in the devices tab on the website.