Cell SMS phones not getting info form Active911 alerts
  • I have a member that has a Verizon flip phone, that gets just straight texts, since about 2 weeks ago it gets funny characters instead of any info on the alert, i.e just all square boxes, any ideas on what this may be or how I can fix it ???

    update: my people with straight text flip phones get alerts sent from us directly just not ones from the cad through you guys.

    also both users are have Verizon service

  • We are currently troubleshooting some issues with our current SMS provider.  They made some changes without informing us that have caused some unexpected behavior to non smartphone sms messages.
  • awesome thanks, its only 3 of my devices lol, but glad to hear its being looked at.

    Just as a FYI they get the alert just get no info on what or where it is.
  • Same problem for us.  It's been almost a month where two of my Verizon flip phones are just getting either blank or garbled characters for alerts.  Let's get this resolved already.
  • Rob,

    It's actually not a problem on our end, but an issue with our SMS provider. We have escalated the issue with them and we are waiting to hear back. I'll post again as soon as I hear more information from them on if they have figured out what is causing this to happen. We should hear back in a day or two.
  • We talked to our SMS vendor, and they say they have fixed the issue. If you continue to have issues, please report them to support@active911.com.