Mapping PC app vs tablet
  • Hello,

    I have been trying both the pc desktop app and the windows tablet app in my response vehicle. Both using Windows 10.  I like both of them, but neither seems to be updating accurately as I move around.  For example I will drive somewhere and a call comes in.  Then both the desktop app and the tablet app both will route me to the call from where I was earlier in the day.  For example I may go to my house, a call comes in, Active 911 routes me to the call from the Fire Station, instead of my house.  Is this something I should call support?... Or is this something in my windows/gps settings?

    Thanks for any replies/info,

  • JW,

    We have been having a few problems with the gelocation of our windows apps.  We are working to fix them, starting with the PC app.  There is a new PC release that has a lot of work to address some of the problems we have heard reported, it should be rolled out to beta testers within the next couple of days.