Can I view response status in order or by station?
  • We have over 50 members and everybody wants the ability to view all of our calls. The problem comes when an officer opens the app to see who is responding to the station he currently see everybody in a jumbled list of status. Is there a way to filter the respond status without setting up individual station alerts? Maybe all the res sta, and res sce show at the top with all the unvail or watch at the bottom? If you could rank and set the order of viewing on the alert screen this would save alot of time for the station officers and they could see if there guys are coming as they don't care about watchers, or unavailables.
  • mattd

    What I did for my Department that helped some with the same problem you are referring to is, I turned Off the WATCH Responses under the Agency Tab, and then renamed our UNAVL button to SCENE for use by our Officers Only. This then lets our Officers see only who is responding and to what station they are responding to by which Response button they hit. Like your officers we don't care to see who is Watching or Unavailable.

    Hope this Helps  
  • Matt, should cover what you are asking for.  If you follow it you'll be able to track it's progress.

  • Kenneth U.

     I did that already and it has helped alot to turn of WATCH and setup SCENE which is used for officers only. With a larger incident its still hard to figure out who is coming from your  station. 

    Bryan W. I will take a look at this idea link you posted.