iOS App not alerting
  • I have a couple of users complaining that Active911 doesn't alert them when there is a call.  It appears in the alarms list, but no audible alarm was given.  I believe I have traced it to when the app was not completely closed.  Is this normal behavior and is there a work around?
  • We have had the opposite problem when the app is not killed in multitasking. The app alerts but does not show up in the call list until you kill the app and reopen.
  • jstokes, this is an issue we having with Apple. We are still sending the notification message out, but Apple is not passing it on. We are trying to find out what is going on with them, but their developer forums are down since they were hacked this last week.
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  • The notification shows up in the application, but it does not alert or vibrate (depending on setting).  You can still get the call, but you have to know to look for it.
  • Is this still happening? All users who have reported issues to our tech support have said they were back up and running as normal within a couple of hours.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. This affected random devices and we only had about a dozen reports of this over all our accounts.
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  • Yes.  I have at least one user still having this issue.  I have asked him to unregister and re-register his account.  I will have to wait until the next call comes across to verify.
  • Having the same issues as of 17:36 EST. alarms show in history - but no alarms received in the app. Test message received successfully, but no alarms.
  • I am also having the same issue.  I have the iPhone 4S and I received all the calls for our department in the alarm list but I did not receive a audible alarm for the truck I was assigned to.  And it was checked it the settings.
  • I can confirm that atleast one of our devices is not playing an audible alert. When I go to "settings" in the active911 app, then click "ringtones", the app will not even play a demo when I select different ringtones. I have another iPad side by side that plays the demos and recieves audible alerts without a hitch...I confirmed that my iPad is not set to mute or anything like that.
  • Same problem as of today. We are  just getting the app setup with our department and so far we are 0 for 2!
  • Andrew, if the device is not even playing the demo tones when you change them, there is a setting on his phone that is messed up. The Apple settings for the phone have priority over ours and can override them. If it is a single device in your account that is doing this, this indicates that it is a problem with that device in particular, and not with the server pushing the alert notifications.

    Edeth, calls to your department are going through well, although your department seems to have switched it to a paid account and only the two people who have paid are getting getting calls. If you guys need help getting this set up properly, send us a support ticket.

    jstokes, is his device working again? If not, have him give us a call.

    If anyone wants us to take a closer look into their particular issue, send us a support ticket and then post back here what this issue was and how it was resolved. I think there are a lot of various issues going on here; while most of them sound like they are either set up related or problems due to conflicting settings, I would like to begin assembling a trouble shooting table for this and include it in an upcoming manual/wiki.
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  • support ticket submitted
  • I am using the app on an iPhone 4 and do not receive an audible alert. I receive the written information, just no audible alarm. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it but the same problem is happening. I can play alarm demos in the settings menu.
  • I have this same problem from time to time.  Usually powering my iPhone 4 down and bringing it back on line will cure what ails it but not always.  The larger problem is I can't rely on Active911 to properly keep me informed of alarms.
  • Ray, it sounds like something isn't set up right.  You might have the silent ringtone selected, for example -- please contact support so that they can help you out.

    Kenneth, the service is extremely reliable but it sounds like something is going on with your network (cell or internet).  I've heard of cases where there is a strange delay in some places, for example at a particular house or something.  There seem to be certain cell towers or carriers that in rare circumstances just don't work well with Apple Push.  I personally know of two people in my area that have iPhones with a cut rate carrier and both of them can't reliably get text messages (iMessage).  I think the same thing could be caused by a malfunctioning cell tower or perhaps a flaky wifi connection.  I suggest that you contact us to see if there is anything we can do, but likely you will have to start banging on your carrier's door for a real fix.
  • Our department is wanting to replace our current paging notification to Active 911. We are using the IPhone 4 and on the Verizon network. 1 of our personnel keeps on having the same problem with receiving the message but no audible notification. Without changing any settings, the audible notification will start working and then he will lose it again. None of the other phones we have it installed on give us any problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the APP with no change. Also we can't get any notifications during phone calls and texts.
  • Upgraded from iphone4 to iphone5s , now I am not receiving call alerts
  • I am having the same issues a noted here (call comes through in written form if I open the app, but no audible alert is activated). Has there been any resolution to this? I am using the app on my iPhone 5 on the Verizon network. 
  • First, have your admin look in the website interface to see if your device is showing up as red.

    Sounds like you are having the problem described under "Registration Issues".

    If none of the above helps, you will need to contact Active911 support.

  • I am not receiving any pages through the active 911 app or the cadpage which I am registered with active911. I get the txt from county but that's it. Not even the historical is coming through. I tried closing the app completely and reopening it but nothing.
  • Sounds like something isn't configured right. Are you sure you're in the right groups? Device shows registered in the system?
  • I am not receiving audible alerts and message doesn't come up until after I enter the app. I thought this was due to the IOS9 problem and would be fixed with IOS9.0.2.
    Is this still an open problem?
  • I am also not receiving audible alerts since I updated to iOS 9.0. I have installed all the updates to iOS 9.0.2 and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my phone. The alerts will come through to my phone but they do not have the audible alert.
  • Apple has not pushed an update that fixes the audible alerts yet.
  • Any insight from Apple on when this issue may be resolved?
  • Between the beta version "1.5.3 (3308)" of Active911 and Apple iOS 9.1beta5, this does not seem to be an issue. 
    The only issue I have encountered so far between these 2 versions was a late notification by about 10-15 minutes. But that one time I am chalking up to cell service connectivity.
    So hopefully Apple will rollout iOS 9.1 by end of month, like I am hearing.
  • We received a report that resetting the phone settings fixed the problem for one user.  We are currently testing it in house to see if it is indeed the case.
  • We too are experiencing no alert on calls using IPhones, any indication when there will be a fix, even with a re-install of the software still having no audible alerts.
  • About 15 minutes ago my dept had a call come in, I heard the call on my radio but my iOS Active 911 app didn't do anything. No alert nor did the call pop through on the list. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • iOS 9.1 is now allowing my department to hear alerts.
  • Here is what we have found that will resolve the notification sound problems:

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