App for Macbook computers
  • Any thoughts of creating a app for Mac computers? There's a app for iPhone/iPad, couldn't the app work similar on a Mac computer?
  • We don't have any plans to at this time, but we are exploring some new technologies that may make this very easy in the future.
  • this would be great for people in the IOS/Mac world.
  • I would like to have a app for the Mac as soon as possible 
  • Hey All! I have added this as a new idea in our idea portal. Below is a link where you can comment or vote for the idea. Once you do that you will get updates about where we are at on planning this. 

  • I too would like to see this feature, as I recently switched to an all Apple ecosystem and it works very well for me as I have different devices constantly in synch.
  • MichaelC, you should vote for the idea. The link to the idea is in my previous post.
  • Yup, Linux as well!