Additional web-console capibility option
  • After reading the Beta update email, it sounds like there has been some really good changes, including those to the web console. I would like to see an additional option under the capabilities menu when in the device edit menu for 'page group permissions' or something to that extent. We have both career and volunteer firefighters under our one agency and we need to be able to control who can add themselves to a page group. Locking the group is not an option. i.e a career firefighter would be able to select different page group based on the station they are working at. Because a volunteer is usually at one station, they wouldn't have a need to select other page groups .
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  • Michael,

    So you want to lock a devices ability to join and leave groups?
  • Hi Bryan, Yes. Not all of our staff need access to other page groups. i.e For our volunteers we would set them up and assign them to their station page group and that's all they would need. For our paid firefighters we would set them up and they would move between pagegroups depending on what station they were working at. We could lock page groups, however you then cannot access should you need to select it. 
  • Hi Michael,

    I remember this request from a long time ago.  I've added it to our idea portal that I hope to start sharing with you guys soon.