Digital Signage API
  • We have been experimenting with different methods for displaying the webview function and currently are using android sticks in kiosk mode.  I have found a product by ScanMD Fire & Rescue Solutions that seems to use the Webview API, but also includes quite a bit more information and seems to incorperate it all in to a digital message board.  I cannot get a hold of anyone with ScanMD Fire & Rescue Solutions and it appears they may have shut thier doors.  Does anyone have infornation on ScanMD Fire & Rescue Solutions or any other developers who may have something similar?
  • I use an intel compute stick pc it's windows 10 OS I have active 911 PC app and mango digital signs (free) running side by side. Send me your email I'll show you some pics.
  • JB can you send me pics?
  • There is another company that makes custom displays that incorporate Active911. We posted on Facebook in 2015 about some work they were doing for a department using our services. I recommend following the link below to our Facebook post:

    One of the comments on the post encouraged people interested in the product to fill out the contact form (, and mention PSIN in the message field.