Alerts on silent
  • Any way to have active 911 alert with sound while phone is on vibrate?
  • Matthew,

    The Active911 app doesn't have a built in feature that allows you to receive alerts with a tone when you have your phone set to silent/vibrate. The settings of the phone dictate how the app functions.
  • You should add this into a future update. Members like to leave their phones on silent a lot but would like the Active911 to alert them in an event they're in a low pager reception area. 
  • I would like to second that. ^ Also, I would like to have the audible alert when paged have a constant tone of some type (to wake you up) until you hit a button confirming you acknowledged the page
  • Just as a work around for Active911 devs, maybe you could trigger setting an alarm entry on the phone for a second or 2 later. I believe on iOS and Android, alarms will go off even on silent. Of course, not sure you can create an alarm entry in the alarm app from a 3rd Party app.
  • More importantly, a method to silence certain call types but still receive the visual alert. As a Admin, I need to know of every structure fire but not every Medical Call. If you filter out medical calls you have to use the website to review all calls.
  • This is definitely a feature that needs to be implemented.

    Just last week we had an alert that required about 20 folks to come in off-duty. The page went out at 0130am but since most guys were asleep many did not see the alert because their phone were on silent. We have a back-up phone tree process in place but by the time everyone was called, it delayed overall response by about 20 minutes.

    This can be fixed with two features - one is that the Active 911 alarm can be programed so that it overrides the "Do Not Disturb" and silent switch features of the iPhone/iPad.

    Also, the alarm needs to repeat every seconds until acknowledged.

    If set on silent/Do not Disturb, I would recommend that the alarm remain silent for one or two rings (if the constant ring until acknowledgement feature is implemented) then go audible after that. This would help prevent an alarm from spoiling a tactical situation giving the user a small window of time to acknowledge the alarm while it is still silent (vibrating) before becoming a loud audible alarm.

    I am an LE user and these features would greatly aid in the functionality of the program.
  • Hey everyone, I'm one of the A911 developers. 

    I recently looked into this and tested out a proof of concept for this feature request. It looks like we could add this feature but with a caveat: we can execute code when an alert is received to override silent/vibrate but only when the app is backgrounded and not terminated/suspended. So I think that it would function as expected for most users most of the time; but if you have force closed the app or haven't used the app since the last time you restarted your device, alerts would still be silenced in these cases. 

    Do you think this implementation of the feature would still be useful/worth adding? 

  • Ryan,

    I realize I'm coming into this discussion late but if this solution of it alerting while open in the background would work it would be very useful!

    Thank you!
  • I like the thought of having Active911 alert when device is on silent but at the same time not liking it if the app is open in the background as i believe that also allows members to see other members locations on the map at any time when the app is open. I would be ok if there were a way to clear locations from maps while not in an active call.
  • Ryan, was this feature implemented? I am interested in it, however it would only be for certian call types as discussed mentioned by Even W. Thanks for your work!
  • @W_Baker & @Robin: It looks like we are planning on working on this fairly soon (it's on the list of features for this quarter). And we are also currently looking into a way of bypassing the limitation I mentioned previously by supporting a new type of notification in our servers+iOS app. 

    @Curt: So as long as we do it properly, these options should be independent - i.e. if background position reporting is disabled in the settings, the app shouldn't be reporting position while backgrounded (though it'll take 5 minutes for your position to disappear off the map from the last time you had the app open).

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! 
  • What’s the latest with the “custom or long vibrate feature” with iOS users?? We are trying out active 911 and so far the biggest downfall is this feature...We currently use a short code paging system I set a custom vibrate tone to that stored number in my phone. So when an alert hits my messages my phone responds with a long duration rapid pulse vibration sequence. I know we are getting a fire call without having to look at my phone.


  • I use to get my active 911 to go off while in do not disturbed mode and worked great but I had to reinstall and now I can not get it to work again any ideas
  • Joe D.,
    It looks like the Custom Vibration feature is still up for consideration. It getting a fair number of votes, but has not been scheduled to be implemented yet. Please feel free to vote, comment and track this idea here:

    SJ C.,
    I am sorry to hear about the issue with the "Do Not Disturb" mode. Can you email us at with a brief summary of the issue and the following information so we can help make this functional for you again:
    1) Type of device you are using (iPhone or Android)
    2) OS version your device is running?
    3) Active911 version you are using