Clear Alarms
  • Very new to Active911 but love it so far.  We would like to clear some of the test alarms we sent out when first setting up our account because they're skewing our numbers.  It may be simple, but so far I have not found a way to do it.  Any assistance would be great!
  • The alarms will automatically clear from the pie chart after 30 days, so the skewing will only be apparent for about a month.  The pie chart is just a rough indication of the types of calls you have received in the last month and does not have much more functionality attached to it yet.
  • I actually really like being able to get a visible view of our call types.  Obviously there is some room for more of this type of information, but I really like what you've got so far.

    We have been testing for a few weeks with our officer corps.  All are extremely pleased with the functionality.  We have recently opened it up to the rest of our department (all volunteer) and are starting to get positive feedback from them as well.

    I was wondering, thought, how long it took for the agency activation to complete.  We have received several calls and they appear to be parsing (ok but not great).  Just wondering, willing to wait!