Any way to change the default view of the PC app to update a "Name" view?
  • We have a couple spots in the firehouse where we have webview running- a 27" monitor in the radio room, and a 40" monitor on the engine room wall.  The idea is when we're hiking out we can look at either of these and see who is responding.  BUT, as we all know, webview isn't real resilient- typically something has glitched and the screen is stuck in "connecting" mode until someone hits refresh.  Which really isn't something we want to have to do when gearing up to hit the road (and the engine room laptop is tucked away in an out-of-the-way spot).

    So I was looking at the PC App instead of webview, as that seems much more resilient.  However, the default view is the dispatch list on the left, and each individual run must be selected in order to see the names.

    Is there a way we can emulate the webiew screen with the PC app so we have a current, up-to-date view or responders for the last few calls?  I guess one would be OK most of the time, but I would prefer several calls since if the call is redispatched (a fire alarm turn into a building fire, for example) that is two separate A911 events, and people who clicked on the first dispatch don't necessarily click in again for the second dispatch.

    I thought of the idea of the chrome "auto refresh" add-on, but that would really run up the google maps API request count, something you guys don't want.  Thanks.   
  • Yeah, I'd like to see Webview fixed as well. It seems to be stuck connecting as well for us once a week and gets annoying. Plus I have to zoom the map out to the view we want. I did not like the PC app for the reasons specified above. It would be nice to emulate Webview for the PC App.
  • if on cue, we had an overnight run last night and after we returned I attempted to show the guys the personnel view on the PC app.  And the incident list didn't even have the run listed :( .   So it turns out that the PC App is NOT more resilient than webview.

    Guess I'll have to go back to webview and the "auto refresh" chrome add-in unfortunately...  
  • In regards to the bug:
    Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to pin down this bug yet, mostly due to us being unable to replicate it on demand.  We initially believed it was just in webview, so we were working in the webview code looking for the problem and could not find it.

    With the release of the Windows PC app and it having the same problem, it appears to be in our infrastructure somewhere.  The difficulty there is that it could be a problem with not just the code, but the underlying server's infrastructure, changes we make there can have wide and deep impacts on the system in unexpected ways (We are in process of resolving that).

    We have a Windows PC beta build coming to help us get more information.  It has some extra logic that appears to partially fix the problem (connection problems arose after a week or so of testing).  It also includes a lot of verbose logging in the areas where we connect and stay connected, which should give us more insight into the bug so we can fix the root problem.

    In regards to a Windows PC "Webview" view:
    We initially had plans for doing this, but the more I think about it the less sense it makes.  I think there are better options, but I am still mulling it over.

  • Bryan,

    You wouldn't need a Windows PC Webview View if Webview functioned correctly. From what you've stated, it's a bug on both applications so it kind of negates the whole idea.
  • What he's saying is that it's not an issue with the Apps per-say. It's a lower level issue, such as some form of packet loss or sync with the servers. What's so bad with things like that is that it could be something like a load balancer mangling packets when they come it and setting up multiple sessions. Or just... Anything. 

    However, I wish we would have had that information much earlier because it would have set expectations. But, we have decided to go with a free option that is free for all platforms and for unlimited devices, and the apps are stable. I'm not going to state the company's name out of respect for Active 911, but we've been slowly moving off the platform.