Checking In
  • Hey Guys,

    The PC app is kind of feeling a little neglected here.... What's going on? I understand ya'll are working on the backend but the apps are still buggy and lackluster? Have ya'll considered going with a Platform like Xamerian that uses C# and will compile to all three platforms and make like easier for managing all of the apps? There's issues with the location not updating on devices, calls simply not coming through at times and just a poor user experience in general? The last update for the Tablet app was over 6 months ago and the last PC update I think was 4 months ago? 
  • We are currently testing the fix for calls not coming through, and have scheduled work to fix the location not updating and several other bugs.

    We have been exploring Xamarin.  In our investigations, we hit a few question marks we need to make sure Xamarin can handle before we go through the conversion process.  We should find out soon whether or not it'll work for our apps.