call text updates
  • This is a question to any user or Active911 employee. 

    Is it possible to get call test updates on active 911 like your MDC. I am fielding requests to try out (I am responding). Apparently this program is just like looking at your MDC. you have AVl of all of your units and call text updates just like your MDC. Does anyone have this capability with  Active 911? Is this even an available feature? We have used Active 911 now for several years and is great compared to a bulky pager, but this is a game changer.
    Bobby Ortiz
    Captain Q-211
  • Captain Ortiz,

    I'm not sure what you're describing. Are you asking if it's possible to receive updated information for a call throughout the time frame of the incident? Active911 is capable of receiving updated information and sending it to your devices, but your dispatch needs to be sending us that information.

    I recommend contacting support directly to speak further about this. We are open 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST Monday-Friday, with an hour lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992.
  • Robert,

    Might want to try and play with the edit call feature. I think it can work as you are asking. I'm going to play around with it. 
    It does require the update being sent as an UPDATE to the call not just a text message.

    It would be nice if using the update feature the gps coordinates could be adjusted for additional responding units, sometimes google is quite a way off on their locations, and the first arriving unit could update it for further responders..