iPhone 7 and Active911 issue
  • Just upgraded phone from iPhone 5s to a 7.  Had no issues til now.  Not getting the alerts in the app. Also, if I am in another app (Faebook, news app....) it shows up but does not give the ringtone alert and it shows in the notification area.  They are showing up in the iPhone notification area.  I can send messages out from the app.  I have deleted the app and reinstalled.  Still no difference.  
  • If you are still experiencing this problem. Please contact support@active911.com for help troubleshooting the issue.
  • Robbie A.

    Your not alone with these issues, Unfortunately this happens all the time to me. Either the alert comes through on the way back from the call or doesn't alert / populate in the app at all. I NEVER had these issues when I was using the DROID, and I've considered switching back to my droid because of these issues.
  • Ridge,

    You made the same post on a separate thread, and I responded there. Please follow the link below to read my response on that thread: