Scanner Radio not opening on Android device
  • I have a member that keeps getting the message :"Could not set Scanner Radio station." And Active911 is showing the app is not installed.  I have tried to uninstall and re-install the Scanner Radio app, and it is still not working.  Anyone else having this problem?  I have an iPhone, and I don't know anything about the Androids.  
  • Yes, I also have a member that is getting this issue on the Android.

  • I just had this problem with 2 seperate phones/accounts.
  • We have been in contact with Scanner Radio and are working to resolve the issue. You should see the fix come soon.
  • I just stumbled upon this post. I just starting looking at the Scanner Radio App. Will Active911 automatically open the scanner radio app to your favorite set radio feed when an alert page is received?
  • Yes, Scanner Radio should open automatically when an alert is received.
  • Nice. Where do I find the information on how to configure that
  • In the app, go to Setting > Advanced Settings > Scanner Radio on Alert
  • One note:  you'll have to manually open the Scanner Radio app to shut off the scanner feed after an alert, 
  • Any update to this issue? I still receive the error trying to call up Scanner radio from the A911 app. 
  • Zach K. 
    Can you let us know what the error message you are receiving is?