Multiple agencies in webview
  • We had a major radio system county wide last night and several departments were covered by the use of Active911, however, Would like to resurrect this idea of the ability to host a webview panel at the dispatch center on a very large monitor and have all the agency devices in a county register on it, so the dispatch center could use it for more information etc...
  • This would definitely be helpful. We live in area where there are 20 agencies, not including LE that are in different states of Mutual Aid at least once a week. 
  • That is definitely possible with webview.  It would be one device code added as a multiple use device to each active911 account in the county.  If you need help getting that set up, contact support at 541-223-7992 or
  • Bryan,
    why didn't I think of that? That should work, now to get in the dispatch room and find the real estate!
  • I have requested the Dispatch Center view over a year ago. Having all agencies with Active911 in our county in Dispatch would definitely be very helpful. 

  • Will, 

    what would a dispatch center view do differently than webview?