Apple Watch Setup
  • So I just received my apple watch and linked to my phone. My alerts from active 911 come to the watch however there is no information provided other than the "Incident Type" and the "Address" However in my phone app our dispatch center send all kinds of info out, such as "units due" and "dispatch remarks" Does anyone know how to (if possible) get this information to appear on the watch as well.
  • I 2nd this. I'm on an all volunteer department and often my phone is in my pocket and hard to access while I'm driving around so the ability to see the details on the call so I know if I need to respond to our station to get a boat or respond direct to scene would be very helpful. 
  • Zac S. and JT L.,

    You should be able to select the alert to see a little more information and give you the ability to respond to an alert. If you download the app onto the watch, it should allow you to go into it to see even more information. You do need to go into the watch app on your phone to configure this though.
  • doesnt work
  • Michael_Kohl,
    Do you have the app installed on the watch? If not, you can install it from the Apple Watch app on your phone. This will enable you to select the alert to take you inside the app on your watch.