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    I have several custom ringtones on my iPhone what I would love to apply to alerts on Active 911.  Are there any plans to include this option in a future app update?

  • Apple does not let us allow the app to access user ring tones. The only one we are able to use are ones that we package with the app. We may be able to give our app access to the iTunes Store ringtones in iOS7; we will have to wait and see what is available at that point.
    Active911, Inc
  • My custom ringtones fall within the iTunes Ringtones folder for syncing.... do you think if they give access in iOS7, it would be to this folder?  Or perhaps only purchased files?
  • Jailbreak!
    Gary Dillon, Firefighter/Active911 Admin.
    Crozet Vol. Fire Dept.
    Crozet, VA
  • iOS does let us access your music files, but when an alert comes in, the operating system does not open up our app and ask us to play a file.  Instead, it looks for a particular sound file (.cof format, if I recall correctly) that has to live in the application bundle for Active911.  This means that we would have to 

    1. Access your music folder
    2. Find the song you want
    3. Copy the song, editing it down into a ringtone
    4. Save the newly generated ringtone into the Active911 app bundle
    5. Notify the server of the ringtone filename
    6. If you delete and re-install Active911, you would have to repeat the process and the server would then contain incorrect song filename data...

    I'm not 100% certain that all of this is even possible.  I suspect it is, but it essentially turns Active911 into a ringtone generator.  With all the other features we are working on at the same time, this whole piece of work has been shelved for the time being.  Instead, it makes more sense for us to include a bundle of predefined ringtones... if you have one you like, we're happy to add it.  Just send us the sound file and a statement showing that you made it yourself (or otherwise have copyright) and that you are releasing it into the public domain.  This will allow us to review it, and if it sounds good, place it in an upcoming release. :)
  • Sounds good! Do you have an email address I can send the proposed ringtones to?



  • We can take the ringtones at and get it to the appropriate people.
  • Would it be possible in a future update to assign separate ringtones to different companies?  I'm part of two stations and follow the other two closest in county.  It'd be nice if I could give my main one a distinctive ringtone and maybe one for the second station.
  • The upcoming Android version has that ability, Joshua. I'm not sure if iOS would allow that type of granularity of ringtones within a single application.  I think iOS is much more restrictive when it comes to this.
  • Chad W., +1 for the use of the word 'granularity'!

    Both apps should allow you to set separate ring tones for each agency. It should be in the settings menu. If you are trying to set different tones for pagegroups, that will be a later feature. The ring tones for things like that happen on the server side. When we overhaul that end of the system, we will be making some changes.
    Active911, Inc
  • Are the alerts in each iOS and Android specific to Active911, or does the android app actually use system notifications that we can add additional alerts on our own?
  • Will there be the ability not to have certain tones or ability to determine one tone for the department?
  • I'm not sure I understand the question.  You can set a different tone for each department.
  • when will Active911 add more tone or allow you to add your own tones?
  • Active911 for Android already allows you to add your own tones. There are some restrictions that we would need to overcome in order to do something similar on iOS.
  • Tyler, in Sept 2013, you said:  "If you are trying to set different tones for pagegroups, that will be a later feature."

    Any chance this is still on the active development list?  I only respond to one pagegroup within our agency, but I still want to "read the mail" and receive the calls that go out on the others, so I can keep track of what's going on. Setting different ringtones per pagegroup would really help me out.  (I'm on Android, and already make my own custom alert tones, so I can handle that part of it.)
  • One more bump before I give up... Tyler, Joseph, or any of the other developers:  is there any chance that "different tones for pagegroups...will be a later feature"?

  • Stan,

    I think it is a good idea, I have added it to our idea board that we are testing internally for a few more weeks before making it available to active911 user logins.  It is still a later feature, but hopefully not too far out.
  • Quick question/request - my agency is starting to move our paging here, and one thing that a number of us are looking for and cannot find is different vibe tones.  

    Previously, with our text pages, I had set Dispatch to a unique vibe tone (SOS for me) because I am often in an environment where audible alerts are not acceptable, but I am still able to respond.  The single vibrate that is available in silent mode and through the Silent notification is not enough for me, as I get enough of these for other items, they are all typically ignored.  Any chance for a longer Vibe/Silent alert to be added in a future release, or can someone point me to it on an iphone?
  • AJ,

    Unfortunately, I don't think Apple allows us to modify vibration settings yet.
  • I would really like to see a bigger variety of ring tones... like maybe the Motorola minitor 5 or 6 alert tones
  • Zac,

    Can you add that to our idea portal? Also if you have files for tones that you want to hear, email them to us at We have to get permission to use them before we can add them to the app. Also to add your feature request, go to
  • This started in 2013 now it’s 2019 and they’re no where near this idea.

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