Differet alert sounds in page groups
  • Is there anyway of getting the ability to set different alert sounds in page groups? I have been asked by several people about this option! thanks
  • Currently, there is not. This is something that we have been investigating and may add.
  • I had a chance to test drive BRYX911 and I like this feature on their app. We are electing to stay with Active911 however, BRYX does have a few features that would be nice to have over here. With all these other apps out there, gotta stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Looking for an update on this feature - over a year since the last "we may add" comment.  Has this one moved onto the implementation list?
  • Stan, 

    You can vote and/or follow this feature request at this link: https://ideas.active911.com/ideas/A911-I-70. We moved to a new idea portal that shows what where we are at for implementation.