On Duty/ Off Duty different alerts
  • Is there any way to set different alerts depending on if you are on or off duty?  I didn't see any obvious way in the settings.
  • you'll want to be using filters.  Give support a call and they can walk you through it.
  • I am using filters for the different alerts that I receive however I am looking to change the alert tone that plays on my phone depending on my shift status. 
  • I would like to see this capability, too.  I would still like to receive dispatches while I'm off duty (so I can "read the mail" and keep track of what's going on) but I'd like it to make lots of noise to wake me up while ON duty, but be low key (or even silent) while OFF duty, while still receiving dispatches for me to review.

    Anybody know of a way to do this?
  • Agree with Stan V.  Off duty filters one set of filters for Alarm Silent, another filter for Audible alert me anyway even if I'm Off duty?
  • We currently don't have an option that allows you to select different ringtones/alert methods based on your duty status. Only one ringtone can be selected by a device per agency it is a part of. That ringtone is used for all of the alerts the device receives from that agency.

    That sounds like a great feature request. You can add your request to the feature request page by logging into Active911, then going to the light bulb tab. In there is our list of feature requests and the number of people that have voted for them. When adding a feature, make sure it isn't already on the list. Adding a duplicate could split votes and slow the potential implementation of your request.