Exporting our map?
  • After spending many hours uploading hydrant and knox box data in to our map, I would love to be able to export all of this in to one spreadsheet. I have looked through the documentation and the forums and can't find an answer. Is it possible?
  • It is possible to get an exported spreadsheet of all your map data, but we must generate that on our end for you. If you contact support, they will help you get that data.
  • Thank you so very much! I will contact you next month to do this.

  • Our area has a mix of Active 911 and IamResponding users. We are wondering if we can share map data some way with both programs or can we export one and upload updates to the other?
  • Ted,
    Since we are different programs, we are not able to share information with each other automatically, however, we can export the map data from our account to provide to I am Responding. If they are able to export it as well, you can upload it into our system as long as it is in CSV or KML format.