No alert tones
  • I have an iPhone running on 9.2.1 iOS. I am getting the alerts but no audio or tone alert. The messages are displayed ok, just no tone alert. Any ideas or solution? I think it started just after the last iOS update. Another first responder told me he is having the same problem and we haven't come with a solution.
  • Having same issue with android devices. At least 6 out of 20. Randomly happening so very hard to even narrow down. Active 911 said renew token. Has not helped. Waiting for my phone to fritz again and then will call direct. Have implemented second alert method for now
  • We have a blog post outlining the iOS issue and how to resolve it. 

    We are currently in the process of revamping our notification system for android which should help with any android notification issues.
  • Thanks Robert. I followed the instructions and it worked. One more question. Can I run Active911 on more than one devise? I have it on my iPhone and would also like to run it on my iPad. Is that a problem?
  • You can run Active911 on more than one device, but you will need a unique device code for each device that you are running the app on.