Best device for a webview "TV" experience?
  • For those who use Pi's, or sticks of any kind, what would you recommend as the most reliable and bonus points if it is relatively plug and play? I understand Pi's are not necessarily plug and play... Prefer not to use WiFi.

    Old PC/monitor combination just isn't working anymore.
  • I use an Intel Compute Stick running windows 8.  Works solid so far, at least with webview.

    I'm transitioning over to the windows app soon, hopefully it will be even more stable.
  • 52" tv with a Dell google chromebox device connected via wifi- but can also use a hardwired internet connection.  mounted in apparatus bay wall at an outlet- one for tv one for chrome box...  works great!
  • Another vote for Tom G. setup. I've been using an ASUS Chrome stick for a year, rarely disconnects, attached a small wireless keyboard with track pad that sits near the terminal to navigate and print run reports if need be. 
    Very nice, works well, Pc is $110.00 on Amazon. 

  • Any one using a touch screen computer all in one. Wondering if this would be a great option?
  • We use an iPad mini as an assigned device wall mounted below and HDMI connected to a 42" flat screen Vizio.  Gives touch screen functionality on the iPad device with large display on the TV.