Too Much Map Data?
  • I've recently started to share my map data with another service. My service has 440+ map parkers with attached PDF files to most markers. The service I just started to share with has every hydrant in our county. Since we've started sharing I could view all map markers, but not load the PDF attachments. When I touch the map marker to view attachments it only shows the title of the map marker. Since those map markers are more important I shut down our map sharing. Everyone I've checked with in my service can only see my original map markers, and not the hydrants, but on my phone I still have all hydrants, and an inability to load map marker attachments. I guess this is a two part question. Can we get all map markers local and shared working with the attachments? If not can we atleast get my device back to working order. I have deleted the app and reloaded it with no joy. Thanks.
  • Support should be able to help you get the situation squared away if you contact them.
  • Brian,

    I took you out of the FS805 account. See if that returned you back normal.
  • Rob. The map pages are working perfectly now. Is it possible to have both the map pages working, and the hydrant data? Obviously if I have to choose if like to leave it as is, but if it's possible to have both I think we'd prefer that.
  • I am sending the CSV file to your email. See if Active911 support can upload the file to your account without suppressing the map pages.