Limiting users access to page groups they don't belong to
  • Is there a way to limit users who have been given rights to send page alerts from their devices to only be permitted to send page alerts to only the specific group(s) they belong to? Currently we have several groups and those that have been given permissions to sent alerts have accidentally paged all groups instead of just the group they belong to. The alert page defaults to "all groups" and they are missing that step at the bottom of the page
  • We looked at something similar but realized it wouldn't be practical, we didn't want our Fire Chief in the volunteer group getting all their pages, but we wanted him to be able to page them.

    We just had to do additional training/education and take paging from devices away form a couple of people.

    Something similar to exchange where a group only accepts messages form certain users or denies certain users messages would be more helpful if it can be done.