Tally Response/attendance - Feature request
  • This is more of a feature request than a bug, but we use active 911 to send out training activities and people say they are coming/unavailable and the training officer looks to see who is coming.  However the next real  call a person responds to removes the notification they are coming to training on the devices but stays on the web page which training officer does not access(rural department).

    Can we change it so maybe rather than sending an alert there is an additional meeting/training button and all responses to that are kept on a device as it is I'm coming in the future type response?



  • Paul,

    Does your training officer have an iPhone?  It currently has a Report button below responses that logs every action taken.

    We are planning a feature sync that should give this ability to our other clients.

    The other plausible option for Android/Windows users would be downloading the alarms CSV before the meeting and doing a quick check, though it is not as intuitive as the button in the app.