Map Data Limit?
  • Is there a limit to the number of map data you can add to Active911? We just input a ton of hydrants and other preplans, but when I went to add some more, it wont go past page 110. Is it maxing out at that number of pages of data? 
  • I am not seeing the same problem from my end. What kind of error is it giving you?

    I just uploaded 5 test locations to your account; you should be able to see them at the end, page 111. Feel free to delete them, but I wanted to confirm that you could see them. I didn't add these through any back door or anything, just through the same link on you account's map data page.

    Has anyone else hit a wall when adding data? We have had some busy people adding 20k+ locations to their pages already. This is all fine, just be prepared for a Webview crash (we're working on it).
    Active911, Inc
  • I think I know what Stephen is describing.  Here is an example.  Say you are on page 5 and you already have 10 locations on that page, which is the max before the system starts a new page.  You then add another location, which would start page 6.  After you complete that entry, you still see page 5 on the screen and the new page 6 will not show until you either refresh the screen or go back a page to refresh the screen.  I noticed that when I was adding our map data points, of which we have over 620 of.  Hope this helps!

  • Yes I see them now Tyler. I think what Ian was describing was what happened.  Thanks guys.
  • I am having an issue trying to upload bulk map data. I used the given template found online here and added the fields and resaved it as CVS file and it still does not load, just says error.  Ideas?? I even tried it as a TXT file.

    ****Disregard I fixed it and its working.
  • Brandon,

    I'm having the same problem.  I used their template, formatted the columns as directed and saved it as CVS (comma delimited) file but I keep getting an error.  How did you get yours to finally work? Will it matter that their template is Excel 1997-2003 and I'm opening it in Excel 2007?  Thanks!

  • Tyler. I belive I have hit a "data wall" I have a few hundred map markers with pdf attachments. They've been working fine. I recently made an agreement with a different account to share map data as they have uploaded all the fire hydrants in the county. The hydrants and pdf map markers all show on my map, but when I tap on the map marker for the pdf attachment it only shows the title of the marker, and doesn't give me the opportunity to view the attachment.