Webview Not Listing All Members
  • I show 8 members responded to the last Active911 page, however webview only showed 5 or 6. Why would this be?
  • Your agency may be hiding watch responses.  If the watch statuses are not being hidden, please contact support.
  • I am currently having a similar issue with certain members. I have one member with a new iPhone 6 and another with an android.  They do not appear on the Webview when they select a response status button. However the affected devices show properly on other member's phone apps just not on Webview.  I do have the watch responses deactivated, because with the watch responses activated, the Webview gets cluttered with members who are not responding but still opened their alert.  We prefer to keep it this way as it is difficult in the heat of the moment to quickly differentiate who is responding. Why is this only affecting a few devices?