Sending Manual Alerts
  • Can the "Send Alerts" function be moved to its own tab under the user web logon screen?  I want to give rights access to certain people to be able to send manual alerts, but I do not want them having access to our account settings.
  • We were interested in doing the same thing initially. But found that in the age of smart phones, employees were just sending a text message to the group email. Nobody has expressed interest in that in a while now.
  • There are a few reasons why I would like to do it directly through Active 911's page:

    1.  I want to be able to limit who has access to send messages.  Our departments don't want everyone having the capability to send messages.

    2.  When you use their form, it will map the location, put the proper title in, etc...
  • Yeah, mapping doesn't work with the email one unless it's in the parser's format.  When sending from the webpage, it puts it into the needed format.  Also, the email to the system will always push out the default city on every alert sent, but when sending from the webpage, you can change that.
  • Yes,  the Send Alert button is going to be moved to the login tab (the one with you name on it when you log in). The permission to use this button will be regulated by the administrator(s). This will also be an option in the app as well.
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