comments section blank
  • Hi..running on iphone 4s. the comments area towards bottom is a empty white box on alerts. I uninstalled and re-installed and that didn't help.
  • Yes have been seeing that now after recent app update on iphone 5s
  • Yeah mine started after recent update as well. Tech support hasn't come up with a fix yet.
  • I'm having the same issue with an iPhone 4S running iOS version 6.1.3.
  • Just adding to the list in hopes this can be addressed. When I first downloaded the app there were no issues with the comments section. Now I'm having the same issue, all dispatch info is blank on my iPhone 4s version 7.0.4.
  • Had a single user report this issue to me. His device code is used and receives alerts from two differing dispatch centers/systems. Both alerting formats do not have any comments/notes. All other information is received as normal. All runs the user reported had notes sent. User has iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.3

    I have attached two screen shots from the user reporting this issue. I have only heard about this from a single user. 
    a911 no notes 1.png
    530 x 940 - 59K
    a911 no notes 2.png
    530 x 940 - 92K
  • We are currently beta testing the fix to the note section.  Pending no major problems, we should have it submitted to apple within a week or so.