Share Map Data
  • Our service has 400+ map locations most with attached detail pages, some simply with door codes. We tried to use the "share map data" option so that this department could view our map data. They were able to successfully view the icons however they get an error message when trying to open attachments {"result": "error", "message": "Not a member of agency ID" is there a way for us to share the attachments in addition to the icons?
  • Bryan,

    That is a bug we are working on.
  • Hey Bryan. First off thanks for spelling your name right. Second do you have any idea the timeline, or will you be able to send out a notification when it's corrected? Just so we know when to start sharing maps again. Thanks.
  • I just talked to the programmer who is working on it.  The fix should be in place Monday/Tuesday next week.
  • Where is the share map data button?
  • It is in the map data tab.
  • I can't find it either.....nothing under Map Data tab
  • Please contact support to get help setting up shared map data if you are having trouble.  They can walk you through the process.
  • Bryan,

    Is there a way to delete a group of data points once uploaded? I can only delete one at a time and I loaded 400+ hydrants that I need to change. It would be helpful if I could delete a large group of data points all at once. 

    Thanks for your assistance,

    Scott Nielson
    Scappoose Fire 
    Scappoose Oregon
  • Scott
    I have only been able to delete one at a time.
  • Scott,

    Support can do bulk deletes of certain colors/icons or everything.  Just give them a call.
  • We are still having issues viewing shared mapping data when we add new users, older users can access to data
  • @Jim H. There may be something configured incorrectly in our system for your account. If you contact or call (541) 223-7992 then we can look into your account further to help.