Senior Design Projects to increase Situational Awareness
  • I recently attended a FEMA integrated emergency management course. One of the exercises was a simulated emergency operations center. In the EOC I was manning the fire desk. What I learned was that situational awareness was very important. During the exercise I had multiple teams deployed but didn't really have a clue on where they were.

    To that end I had a couple of ideas.

    1) I don't know if you've seen the ISS-Above. Its a Raspberry Pi single board computer that drives a flat screen and shows where the ISS is and notifies you when its over head. I think it would be cool to do this with Active911 data. Would your API support this? I might be able to get one of the local universities to do this as a senior design project.

    2) With $6 smart phones in China and the price of cellular modems falling, it would be cool to make a hockey puck to attach to the apparatus that would broadcast its location back to Active911, increasing my situational awareness. Would this be possible?

    It would take a little bit of effort to dope out the requirements, but these would be some fun projects.

  • Chuck,

    #1 Might (should) be possible with the API, but we've already built a tool for this called Webview .  You should take a look and see if that fits your needs.

    #2 Is a a cool idea and should be quite doable.  Lots of departments do something like this (at somewhat more cost) by mounting an iPad in the cab of the vehicle.