Creating user login account/Paying Individually/Password Recovery
  • If you have been added to the device roster on an account, you can manage some of your own personal settings using your user account. This is also necessary to log in and pay for the account for those who are paying for their device(s) independently from an agency subscription. When a device is added to the roster, no user account is created. For those who want to unlock these management features, follow the directions below.

    1. Go to This is the log in page for the member access area.
    2. Your user name for logging in is either the email associated with your device or the device phone number.If you have never logged in before or forgotten your password, leave the password field blank. This starts the user account creation process or sends you a password reset link. **It is very important to copy and paste your password when you log in. The reset link only works once. If mess up and need
      a new password, you need to resend yourself the reset email.**
    3. Once you log in, please change your password right away to something more memorable.
    4. If your device needs to be paid for, you will see the following warning:
    • Warning! One or more of your devices does not have a subscription and may not page. If [youragency] is supposed to handle this, please see your administrator.
      Otherwise, Fix now for $12.75 each

    Click on the fix now button to pay for your device. You will receive a receipt to your email account on file.
    Active911, Inc
  • When purchasing an agency subscription, does that provide a certain number of "licenses" that can be assigned to any user?  For example, if i purchase for 10 devices... Do I get to assign which 10 of my users I want to give those licenses to?  
  • James, you are correct. When you buy 10 devices, they essentially go into a "bank" for you to use. When you add a device to your agency, you get the choice of using one of your pre-purchased licenses (from the bank) or having that device use a "personal subscription."  For example, my agency buys 1 license for every firefighter. If a firefighter has more than one device (a phone and an iPad), we use our pre-purchased license for the phone and then assign the iPad a "personal subscription" license and that firefighter needs to login and pay for that device.
  • We have a Blackberry user or two (yes, really).... what's the app for BB?

  • I have a few questions:
       1. If I purchase an agency subscription for, say, 20 phones, and suddenly, we hire more people in our company, can we purchase more phones, or are we locked into 20?

       2. If we assign one of the phones in the subscription bank to someone, and within the year, that person resigns from our company, can we unassign that person, and then reassign that phone subscription to another person in our company?

  • Yes to both, you can add more subscriptions throughout the year as you need them, however, 1) they are a new order, and reset the pricing tier (the discount is on bulk purchases being paid for at that moment, not multiple bulk purchases), and 2) the additional subscriptions are prorated and expired at the same time as the rest of the account. A subscriptions purchased toward and agency account six months after the initial account purchase costs ~$6 and will expire in 6 months with the rest of the account.
    Active911, Inc
  • I need to add more members to my agency subscription but the Use Agency Subscription option is grayed out. How do I proceed?
  • Bob, the tabs that are greyed out are not accessible to your current login account. You may have created multiple login accounts and have logged into one without administrative access.

    *As a note, everyone's login email address should match their device email address. You can have multiple devices with the same email address if you need.
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  • I looked closer. It says I have no available subscriptions. How can I add some more?
  • Halfway down the agency tab on the right hand is a button that says '+ Devices'

    This will allow you add subscriptions.
    Active911, Inc
  • Many members of our agency are interested in purchasing their own subscriptions.   However, many of these often do not have an email address (hard to believe, I know, but true).   And we are in trial now and intend to buy a handful of slots.  How long after we do that will will those who want to pay on their own have to accomplish that?   Or will they immediately stop receiving alerts until they've done so?

    Also, what happens if a member buys his own device subscription, and then later resigns or is suspended?  Can the agency "kill" his subscription?   What happens to the unused portion of his device subscription?
  • For your second question, any admin for your department can kill a device for a firefighter that leaves the department.  If they were on an "agency subscription", the remainder of that subscription goes back into the poll for you to assign to someone else (you'll go from 12 open subscriptions to 13, for example).

    For those users that do not have email addresses, I use one of the admin email accounts...  It just means they can't manage their own device via the web.
  • They have smartphones, living in 2014, but no email address???

    To answer your second question, yes. The agency admin can remove users from the agency any time and the user will no longer recieve your alarms. Theyll still have their account, it will just no longer be tied to your agency
  • My login is the admin. When I go to sign up for a year it ask me how many licenses to choose. I am trying to sign up for an individual account, but it seems that the only way for me to sign up is by agency. Do I have to make another account since my login is the admin for the agency, or do I have to make another account and make it an admin account and turn my original account into an individual? Or do I have to make another account as an individual? Or better yet am I doing something wrong?
  • Larry,

    When you click the "Fix this now" button at the top of your page you will be presented with three options. "Basic (free, no support)", "Individual", and "Agency". If you want the members of your account to pay for themselves individually, select the "Convert now" button underneath the "Individual" option. A confirmation box will appear, so make sure to select the "Confirm" button.

    After you have selected the "Confirm" button, navigate to the tab with your name on it. You should see a "My Devices" where your smartphone is listed. There will be a blue "Fix now for $12" button that you can select to pay for your individual device.

    If you have problems paying for your device or have further questions, please give us a call. We are open 7am to 4pm PST Monday-Friday with an hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992.
  • How do you find what your device code is to add a 2nd agency?
  • You can get your device code by logging into and navigating to the tab with your name on it. You will see a list under "My Devices" which will contain every device associated with your account and the device code for it.
  • i cannot locate the device code
  • Zeb,

    To get your device code, go to There will be a "Members Access" link at the top of the page. Select that, and you will be prompted to enter your email address and password.  Enter your email address or phone number in the email field, and your password in the password field and log in.

    If you have forgotten your password or never logged in before, leave the password field empty and hit the "Go" button. An email will be generated with a password reset allowing you to log in. The website might prompt you to enter your first and last name if its your first time logging in.

    When you get the password reset email, there will be a link within it. Click on the link, and a new window will open wit your password. You can only open this link once before it expires, so make sure not to close out of it before you have your password. Copy down your password exactly as it appears in the email, it is case sensitive. It is best if you write it down with pen and paper, and type it manually when logging in, rather than copy and pasting from the email into the password field.

    Once you are logged in, you can go to the tab with your name on it. Your device code will be a series of numbers, a dash, then some letters in all caps.

    If you have logged into your account at, and are unable to locate your device code, I recommend contacting support for help. We are open 7am to 4pm PST Monday-Friday with an hour lunch from 11:30 to 12:30. At your convenience you can give us a call at (541) 223-7992.