Ongoing issues starting 6/24/15

  • VRECC has had a few complaints from different agencies that we dispatch for saying their iOS devices are not getting alerted. If they open up the app, they will find the call info, but they never received an alert.

    Wednesday it seemed to resolve itself in the afternoon, but again this morning and now this evening we've had 3 agencies say they aren't getting the audible alert any longer with CAD calls, but when tested from the App or website the alert will work fine.

    Comments from Chief directly:

    "They populate in the app after I open it but they aren't populating or alerting at the time of the call."

    "OK, I've narrowed it down to everyone with an iPhone or iPad is not receiving CAD generated Active911 alerts. I can send them via the portal and everyone gets it, but everything from the CAD is not. "

    Anyone else having similar issues?

  • We are having same problem.
  • Your dispatch center is probably using the beta alert server.  Please have them switch to "" or "" unless they want to continue being part of the testing group.

    If this doesn't make sense, please contact Active911 Support for further help.
  • Similar thing going on here, issue is we have been sending via for some time now. Seems to be hit and miss. Some calls alert, some don't.
  • We are having the same problem. I can send an alert via the web portal and the notification works perfect. I can manually send an email for a general alert and the notification works. However no alert will pop up on iPhones that were generated by our CAD system via email.