Other Markers Please
  • Can we get some new markers????

    H for medevac landing zones.
    FireTruck or other markers for fire stations
    Handcuffs or other police related marker for police stations.
    Star of life marker for ems buildings.
  • We would also like several different Icon Shapes to mark special hazards or items on the map. We need them to be easily recognizable when looking in the area with hydrants.

    Our idea is to use it to mark HIGH HAZARD AREAS that we have determined unsafe to do interior firefighting and all operation should be from the exterior.

    Chief Bagwell
  • Oh that would be great we are looking for the same thing for target homes
  • Would it be possible to have a set of smaller icons?  For example, with hydrants all displayed on the screen, the map is terribly cluttered until you zoom into an area.  This makes the webview screen in the firehall less useful.   Having "Mini" hydrant icons would let us still see the hydrants but also see all the other information more easily. 

    Chief Marsh